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Morel's Fat Lady loudspeaker thins out your wallet

Darren Murph

According to Morel, its Fat Lady floorstanding speaker is the result of two full years of R&D, and it's got the looks (and price tag) to prove it. Constructed from a unique mix of carbon, fiberglass, resin and other materials, this curvaceous loudspeaker houses a pair of 9-inch woofers, a single 6-inch midrange driver and a 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter. The former two even boast cones crafted from three layers of carbon fiber woven mat, Roahcell PMI damper and non woven carbon sheet, and the sexy exterior is kept glossy by numerous layers of protective epoxy lacquer. Mum's the word on frequency range and power handling, but considering that these are pegged at $25,000 per pair, maybe it figures only a sliver of the population needs to know, anyway.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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