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Tecmo's upcoming DS games cover the spectrum


At a Tecmo press conference, the company showed off two new DS games for completely different audiences. Misa Yamamura Suspense is a sequel to the hit detective adventure Kyotaro Nishimura Suspense, based on the work of a different author, in a different setting (Kyoto) and sporting a new appearance -- the geisha-themed game now uses photographic backgrounds. This new game is focused on determining the connections between the people involved in the case, rather than simply finding clues.

The other game, Oyako Asoberu DS Emon Ukkari Penelope (Parents and Children Can Play DS Picture Book Ukkari Penelope) is a game for families of preschoolers, based on a series of TV animated shorts (which are themselves based on a series of French children's books) about a blue koala bear.

We find the pairing of a very adult-focused game and a purely child-oriented one (though designed to be played with adults) very odd. That's what expanding the audience is like, though!

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