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Atsushi Inaba wants to work with Nintendo platforms


Fans of the Viewtiful Joe franchise (or anything from Clover, really) will likely know the name Atsushi Inaba. The closing of Clover was very sad, but eventually led to SEEDS and, now, Platinum Games. So, just what interests Inuba and co. lately?

Why, the DS and Wii, of course. When asked by 1UP on which platforms were desirable launching pads for a new title, Inaba said "Of course the Wii and DS are attractive platforms; they're platforms that aren't competing by way of the graphics. It's more about the gameplay." We couldn't agree more, because playing is believing with the Wii. Immediate releases from Platinum Games might not be on the horizon, however, as Inaba stated "we do want to create games on Wii and DS. But we have staff that has been creating games on the newest technology, like the PS3 and Xbox 360, so we are not interested in cutting that out."

But, this interview is supposedly a bit late hitting the net, so there's also that to consider.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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