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CARS on hiatus, and a favorite CARS moment

Scott McNulty

The Mac web can be a pretty serious place, and that is why I was a little melancholy when I first heard that Crazy Apple Rumors would be going on hiatus for awhile. CARS, as those in the know call it, has been consistently funny for a good long time (feel free not to comment if you don't agree with me. Humor is a tricky thing, and it is highly personal) and the Internet will be a slightly less funny place without it.

Given the hiatus Brent Simmons, of NetNewsWire fame, suggested that a few folks link to their favorite CARS moment. I was all for it, because it would give me reason to link to the one and only time I appeared in CARS. The story was about the delay of Leopard (remember that?) and how it warped my tiny little brain. Still funny, if you ask me.

Here's hoping John Moltz, the man behind the site, will rest up quickly and be back to mocking Apple rumors in no time.

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