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EA reveals 'Facebreaker,' a tooned-up Fight Night


Are you Ready 2 Rumble? "No," says EA's newly announced boxing game, Facebreaker. "But I do feature real-time facial deformation and a lighthearted approach to pugilistic pummeling! So really, I'm more like a Fight Night cel-out." According to the folks at 1UP, Facebreaker is being developed by EA Canada for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Says EA's Peter Moore: "Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup."

Those approaching the fun will find an inevitably "colorful" cast of playable caricatures to choose from, including "Latin lover" Romeo and "an oversized Russian demolitions expert" called Molotov. If you'd prefer to have your own face broken, you can either integrate a personal photo via Game Face technology or simply wear your Tingle costume when buying the game from the store.

More Facebreaker details can be found in the March 2008 issue of EGM.

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