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Former EA exec. David Gardner becomes CEO of Infogrames


Former EA executive David Gardner has been appointed the CEO of Atari parent company Infogrames, effective ... now. This means former CEO Patrick Leleu, who just recently outlined plans regarding Infogrames/Atari's recovery, has been given his golden watch parachute and shown the door. Gardner is now captain of a ship sailing through a financial minefield of debt and drama.

Gardner was at EA for nearly 25 years and was one of its first employees in 1983. Early on he was in sales and marketing and in '92 became Managing Director of Europe, where he had a strong role in European acquisitions for EA and integrating those companies into the beast. Before leaving EA last August he held the title of COO of Worldwide Studios and helped establish EA in Asia. Best of luck to Gardner, who's got a lot of work ahead of him.

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