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Rumorong: Rock Band goes under a bridge with Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC Feb. 18


Update: Harmonix has deemed this a hoax, nothing to see here.

Website GCN apparently captured a photo of an ad on the Xbox 360 dashboard promoting a Red Hot Chili Peppers DLC pack for Rock Band coming Feb. 18. The site also allegedly received an "announcement letter" with the following info.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Pack (440 MS points/ $5.50)
  • Under the Bridge (160 MS points/ $2)
  • Universally Speaking (160 MS points/ $2)
  • Otherside (160 MS Points / $2)
It seems the new sport for the internets is to break Rock Band DLC release info as soon as possible. We've been unable to produce the ad on our consoles, but if any readers are able to get it on theirs, please feel free to share with us a nice quality photo.

[Thanks to XanthouS]

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