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Start saving: EA CEO confirms Rock Band


The microphone predicted the future! It's a magic microphone! During a conference call today, EA's CEO John Riccitiello casually referred to the "coming launch" of a Wii version of Harmonix's multi-instrumental music game Rock Band. Harmonix's Alex Rigopoulos has mentioned the possibility before, but this is the first official word from the publisher.

In addition, Kotaku reports that EA said that a European release of Rock Band was set for April-June of this year "across all SKUs." You know what's a SKU that, as of right now, has a version of Rock Band? That's right, the Wii. So we should probably expect the Wii game in the U.S. around the same time.

Of course, there are no details, so we don't know if it's going to have all of the amazing features of the "next-gen" versions, or will be more like the still-awesome PS2 version.

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