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Super Street Fighter II HD Remix developers now remixing monsters


Backbone Entertainment, the developers of the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter II remakes, as well as the DS Death Jr. game and various other projects, have announced a new original Wii game to be published by Eidos. Monster Lab takes place in the hilariously-named Uncanny Valley, in which the player, as a mad scientist's apprentice, mixes and matches monster parts to create original creations. The gameplay involves finding parts out in the wild, then taking them back to the lab and performing alchemical, mechanical, and biological experiments on them to augment them.

Once you've built a monster, you then take it out into the world and control it in battles! Monster Lab even features online battling and trading. With millions of possible combinations, this game could have some serious long-term replayability. Or you could just make monsters over and over.


[Via press release]

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