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These people are playing Super Smash Bros. right now


This was the scene yesterday outside the Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku, as over 300 people suddenly decided to all go to the electronics retailer at the same time for ... some reason. It was a good day for Yodobashi (in terms of business, not of employee sanity) as a PS2 Haruhi game, Devil May Cry 4 and various other things also hit. But the true "event" game was Brawl, which led to many Wii system sales and probably the most GameCube controller sales in the last five years.

With ownership of the game, of course, comes detailed writeups. Justin Epperson is writing about every aspect of the game for 1UP as he experiences it. He says of the Subspace Emissary single-player adventure that "At the rate we were playing, one hour of play time is around 10% completion." That's ... much bigger than the Melee adventure mode! In sadder news, he says that rule sets can only be edited when playing online with friends, and not with strangers. If you're hooked on the (Smash) Brothers, go read the article for lots of talk about stages, unlocks, stickers, and all the stuff that just seems cruel until we can play it.

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