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Breakfast Topic: Have you made a mailbox blunder?

Dan O'Halloran

Your friendly neighborhood mailbox has many uses. More than just sending messages to offline friends, it also doubles as a second bank. Mail a bunch of items to an alt. After 30 days it will bounce back to you if you didn't retrieve it before then. The trick is remembering what you have sent off to remote storage.

Blogger McGoo used an alt to store all sorts of things he knows he'll need. But last week, he needed to farm Netherweave to finish off his Tailoring goals. So he and a buddy went on an ogre killing spree in Nagrand to get what he needed. He happily skilled up and made the robe he had been after.

Then, a few days later, he found his mailbox stuffed to the gills with Netherweave he had sent to an alt a month earlier and forgot about. Doh!

Have you made any mailbox blunders? How do you keep track of what you send to alts?

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