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Ecamm updates iPhone Drive


Gallery: iPhone Drive 1.4 | 6 Photos

Mac and iPhone/iPod developer Ecamm has just released a major upgrade to their iPhone Drive utility. iPhone Drive allows you to access the user data on your iPhone or iPod touch, both read and write. With it, you can copy files to and from the user partition. So if you need to bring some important files along with you, this utility turns your iPod or iPhone into a portable drive. What it doesn't do is this: It does not create a general-use USB device. You need iPhone Drive on both ends--to put data onto your system and to take it off.

The new 1.4 version provides four major upgrades: you can play any song from your onboard music library directly from the utility, you can access your SMS message archive and call history, and you can view the photos you've snapped using your onboard camera. Obviously these last three options are limited to iPhones only but despite the name, the software works with both iPhones and iPod touches.

These upgrades join iPhone Drive's existing feature repertoire that includes file I/O and read-only access to your music, ringtones, podcasts, audio books and notes. The 1.4 upgrade is free to users who registered versions 1.3 and earlier and $19.95 for new users.

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