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Eye-Fi to get upgraded with "Smart Boost," become available in Ritz Camera stores

Nilay Patel

Eye-Fi still hasn't taken the world by storm, but the company is hard at work improving the WiFi-enabled SD card, which is now available in Ritz Camera outlets. The newest feature for the cards, due on February 12, is called "Smart Boost," which will intelligently prioritize where data is going to improve battery life. If your computer is on or awake, the Eye-Fi will send photos across the LAN to the client software, which will then handle the upload to your fave photo service, but if the Eye-Fi doesn't detect your machine, the chip will send images the service directly. Of course, this is all assuming you're still on your home network, so the practical effect is pretty low, but it's nice to see the company trying -- just let us know when the Eye-Fi can use open hotspots, okay?

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