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Fable 2's Hobbes make a triumphant return!

Dustin Burg

Those lovable, adorable and mischievous looking Hobbes that we were introduced to in the last Fable 2 diary are back and sporting some new accessories including more cowbell. Just as requested.

As part of Lionhead Studios' latest Fable 2 dev diary, Lionhead unleashed two new renders of those zany Hobbes with one wearing a boot on his head and a bell around his neck (probably used as a warning to all that he is near), while the other sports a feather accented bucket over his head. Just freakin' adorable. We've placed the new Hobbe renders in the gallery below for your viewing enjoyment. And now that we think about it, is there any way we can order a feather accented bucket hat? It'd so be a hit with the ladies.


[Thanks, terrence]

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