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Feedback Friday not as fun

Chris Chester

It happens to even the best games out there. In the wake of the latest patch release, the next few updates from the developer prove... underwhelming. They've already blown their proverbial wad, so there isn't really much for them to put on offer. In this week's edition of Feedback Friday, the Tabula Rasa team posted to let us know that there are uh... still hybrids! I suppose it's handy to compile all the information for people who don't have the time to comb through the community sites, but it's still a bit of a downer for your average Joe Grenadier.

They also included a short Q&A that outlines some of what we can assume are the more common questions from the player base. They ask such pertinent questions as whether vehicles are in the works, whether they plan to add new paint schemes such as camo, and whether secondary color schemes will ever be something that players can tinker with. Unfortunately, the answers are no, no, and no. Well nyah at you too, Destination Games!

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