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Lineform 1.5 update lost in the Macworld shuffle


Chalk this one up to bad press release timing: we neglected to note the release of a major update to Freeverse's Lineform vector art application, announced on January 14 (otherwise known as Steve's Eve). The new version includes full Leopard support and adds hooks for drawing tablet pressure sensitivity, plus many smaller feature and performance updates.

Lineform 1.5 is $79.95 either direct from Freeverse or in convenient boxed form via Apple or Amazon. The 8.1 MB demo is downloadable as well. If you're a forlorn Freehand veteran or facing off sticker shock for Illustrator, take a look.

Lineform 1.5 release notes (via

What's New:

Full tablet pressure support
Full custom brush support and multiple colorisation methods
Full OS X 10.5 Leopard support, including QuickLook support
New Document palette containing document info, brush info and grid
New Document info metadata (author, title, etc.)
New layer palette
- Complete object tree
- Graphic selection and state display
- Drag and drop
- Layer selection effects and filters possible
- New isolation mode toggle Cmd-/ -- for layers and groups

What's Better:

Improved PDF parsing
Improved recent font handling
Improved artistic brush selection
Improved Core Image filters
Updated media browser
Faster document scrolling, soft preview and updating
Performance improvements
Many other improvements

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