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New hairstyle pictures for Lord of the Rings Online

Kyle Horner

As people who spend a lot of time in massively games, we always appreciate it when developers give us more customization options. Turbine went even further by giving players both a barbershop and two different sets of clothing for when they don't feel like hanging around taverns in their armor. As with any upcoming additions, the forums are filled with posters putting together all sorts of pictures for your viewing pleasure. Community response has been really good to this stuff, so hopefully we'll see even more hairs, clothes and other ways to further customize your character in future updates.

The value of adding this stuff could be argued over, but at the end of the day we think it's always good to get some more variety into your massively games. Although we're still not sure if we want our hobbits to have long, flowing, curly locks or not. Apparently, all the cool hobbits are getting them now.

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