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Playstation Home gets a pre-launch makeover


Sony's Playstation Home virtual world has undergone a few cosmetic changes since we last took a look at it. At the IMAGINA 08 event in Monaco, a session led by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe introduced the changes, which were largely the result of user feedback culled from the beta version.

Rather than entering the world via an enclosed lobby, the Playstation Home experience will now begin in a large outdoor space. Entrances to areas like the Theatre and Bowling Alley have been redesigned to be more easily spotted, and the Theatre's screening rooms have been moved closer together, as testers were complaining about the long walks (lazy gamers).

The talk also revealed the inclusion of balconies in players' in-game apartments, and a choice of around eight different apartment styles at launch. Swanky premium apartments will also be made available, though of course not without a cost. Playstation Home is scheduled to launch on the PS3 in Spring 2008.

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