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smartWatchM hooks Sony Ericsson watches up with WinMo, adds features

Chris Ziegler

Who says you need a Sony Ericsson phone for a Sony Ericsson watch to function correctly? Well, Sony Ericsson does, but xda-developers is taking a slightly different tune. Member moneytoo over on the Windows Mobile hacking haven has fashioned "smartWatchM," an app that not only gets the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth wristwatch of your choice up and running on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, but -- get this -- actually manages to make it more functional than it is on Sony Ericsson's own phones. Besides the usual caller ID, SMS, MMS, and out of range notifications, smartWatchM adds weather, your task list, operator, profile, and phone battery / signal strength, among other things. Now before you get all worked into a lather about this, Sony Ericsson, bear in mind that this app is only going to sell more of your fricking watches, okay?

[Thanks, maflow]

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