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Tesla defies its roots, plans gas-electric car for 2009

Darren Murph

We're not exactly sure what to make of this one -- the auto maker created to show up gas guzzlers and prove that electric whips could indeed prove viable in a society helplessly addicted to gasoline is apparently gearing up to turn a blind eye to its original mantra. According to a report over at CNET, the firm is planning to unveil not one, but two editions of its forthcoming Whitestar sedan. Although one will indeed cruise sans fuel, the other will be a gas-electric REV (range extended vehicle), purportedly designed to entice buyers who would typically be concerned about the range (or the lack thereof) of a purely electric vehicle. So, let's get this straight -- rather than holding true to its original rallying cry, Tesla's deciding to just a build a car that it knows will actually sell. Right-o.

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