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Unofficial Huxley videos released, feature lots of running

Kyle Horner

All right we admit it -- they also feature a good amount of NPCs and a very pretty cityscape, but we can only take so much endless running before our attention wanes. The first video was five minutes of running and after that we figured, "The next video will have something else, obviously." Well -- obviously -- we were wrong, because it was another four minutes of running around, looking at some static NPCs, trolley cars passing by and smokestacks. Now don't get us wrong, we definitely appreciate Huxley-Evolved for the high quality videos of the game engine doing its thing -- we guess we're just really anxious to see this game in action.

Huxley is of course being developed by Webzen and is currently scheduled for a released date sometime later this year. Be sure to check out the second video after the break, if you want to see more Huxley footage.

[Thanks, Stephen; via Huxley-Evolved]

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