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iPhone customers on O2 now get more bang for their buck

Chris Ziegler

So we've got to ask -- if the iPhone is allegedly O2's best selling device ever, why is fat already getting trimmed out of the carrier's plan offerings? No bother; we've always found that when a carrier wants to give us more for our hard-earned quid, we're best off blindly accepting the offer and asking questions later. A tariff restructuring currently underway now gives £35 / month subscribers 600 voice minutes and 500 texts -- up from 200 of both -- while current £55 / month subscribers will see £10 shaved off their bills and the current £45 plan goes away. The high-end £75 plan rolls deep with 3,000 minutes and 500 texts; not unlimited, granted, but at least all three new plans still include unlimited data. Current owners shouldn't have to do anything to see the benefits of the new plans.

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