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Wii Warm Up: Let's talk Rock Band


EA confirmed earlier this week that it would be bringing Rock Band to the Wii, an announcement which prompted spontaneous high kicks and even the splits from most of the Wii Fanboy crew. This is a fantastic development, and the pairing of Rock Band and the Wii seems absolutely right. It's the ultimate party game for the console that is most suited to social gatherings.

So, we can't help ourselves. We want to chat some more about Harmonix's big-budget rhythm game, and get some of your thoughts. Firstly, will you be buying it? If so, all of the instruments? And which role will you be playing?

Also, is this the kind of thing your relatives would play with you? We'd love to see bands that span the generations, with grandmothers on bass and uncles maintaining a steady beat on the drums. Our families won't have a choice, frankly. They will be playing and they will enjoy it.

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