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AV improvements slated for 2.4

Eliah Hecht

It seems like they just can't leave Alterac Valley alone. In this case, that's probably a good thing, because there is a lot of discontentment with the state of that battleground right now. Bornakk just announced (and three different people just dropped us tips to let us know) that AV will get some "very significant improvements" in the upcoming patch 2.4:

  • Horde starting tunnel moved back "to a more equal distance from the first objectives"
  • Each faction's Generals and Warmasters will buff each other for health and damage: the more of them your side has, the stronger they all are. Hopefully this will more strongly motivate killing the Warmasters.
  • Balinda Stonehearth will do more damage, but she and Stormpike will have their recent health increases repealed.
Will these changes appease your wrath with AV? If not, what else is required?

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