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Breakfast Topic: What do you like best about your class?

Dan O'Halloran

Shia of Banana Shoulders has suggested a regular question to the bloggers at Blog Azeroth as an exercise to motivate posting. And her first question is an excellent one. After spending more than three seconds in any class forum on the Official boards, you'd think every class is nerfed, gimped and insta-gibbed in the game. But in reality, many people like their classes very much. Why?

I've said it many times before here on WoW Insider and I'll say it again: I love my Druid for one simple reason, versatility. I can tank, dps, heal or crowd control depending on what is called for in any given encounter. Sometimes I do all four in one fight and those are my favorite fights. I think only Shaman come close to Druids in pure versatility which is why I'm leveling a Shammie alt.

So let's cut the qq today and get to the good stuff: What do you like best about your class?

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