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Chief offers up WPA wall mount for short-throw projectors

Darren Murph

For anyone paying attention, they'd realize that short-throw projectors are all the rage right now. Thankfully, there's a wall mount manufacturer out there lookin' out for those digging in. Beginning this month, proud short-throw PJ owners can pick up a WPA Wall Mount from Chief that enables their beamer to be shifted up to 11-inches on its built-in track, and there's even integrated roll adjustments, post-installation extension adjustments, and quick projector connect / disconnect features. Reportedly, mounts will be available for Hitachi, Sanyo and Toshiba units, but a custom or universal version will also be up for grabs. Mum's the word on pricing at the moment, but feel free to bug your local installer if you're anxious for more details.

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