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Helio offering unlimited everything for $99 a month

Chris Ziegler

Is it just us, or is this a pretty good deal? Helio has started offering its unlimited plan for $99, down from the $145 it was charging before. In Helio parlance, "unlimited" really does mean unlimited, too: voice minutes, texts, and on-device data usage are all fair game. Of course, tethering isn't offered, which is probably the only thing preventing a deluge of people signing their names on the dotted line to get in on the action, but it still seems to be a solid offering any way you slice it. The MVNO had offered the $99 unlimited plan previously before jacking up the price (and indeed, the triple asterisk beside the price leads to some fine print that says "limited time offer"), so if this piques your interest, you might want to get in sooner rather than later.

[Thanks, Chris R.]

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