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Just blow: Smash Bros Brawl disc problems blamed on dust


Though many of Japan's Wii owners may now be in possession of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, not all of them can necessarily play it. IGN reports that a number of users are reporting that the Brawl discs will not run properly on their consoles, a problem which actually stems from dirt build-up in the Wii itself.

Brawl is uniquely affected by this problem due to the game's size, which makes it the first title on the Wii to be pressed on a dual-layer DVD. The special disc requires a more fine-tuned read from the optical sensor, which is causing problems in systems clogged with dirt and tobacco smoke. Rather than suggesting they "blow," Nintendo has set up a cleaning service for players affected. Japanese owners who send their Wii consoles, copies of Brawl and warranty cards to a service center in Kyoto will have their systems repaired within one week, and Nintendo will cover all cleaning and shipping costs.

While we're happy Nintendo is taking responsibility for the problem, we're also personally hoping that those affected kept their consoles in squalid conditions. If even small amounts of dust can affect the playability of the Brawl discs, then we're looking at a lot of impatient, unhappy customers in the States come March 9th.

[Via Eurogamer]

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