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Mythos' 3rd zone on display in new 5-minute gameplay movie


For those of you teetering on the brink of playing Mythos, unsure if it's worth your time, take a look at the newest gameplay movie from Flagship, which features the chaotic melée action that makes this still-in-beta MMO so much fun.

In addition to watching a little Gremlin drop some indiscriminate justice on the local wildlife, this video also previews an upcoming 3rd zone still to be added to the beta test: an icy, Wintry environment that looks as good as the previous two zones. I have to say, even though the gameplay is unvaried, it's still the perfect antidote to the sometimes overly-strategic and by-the-math gameplay of longer-lived titles -- nothing but hack 'n' slash, and who doesn't love that?


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