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'The Force is strong with this plumber'


Even on our best day of being totally hilarious and witty (we're still waiting for one day where we can at least be witty), we couldn't make up something like this. A combination of two things that just don't need to be combined like this hasn't been seen since someone decided to combine eggs and oil (we're not a fan of the mayonnaise, to be honest). We're not saying its a bad tattoo (well, maybe we are), but we like our Star Wars without plumbers (unless it's a funny skit about Mario cleaning the stalls in the Death Star bathrooms or something) and we like our Goomba-stomping Mario without the epic conflict of good and evil (man against beast goes down so much smoother for us).

Actually, to tell the truth, we're surprised our minds haven't been blown so much that we forgot how to even post this to the blog.

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