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Today in Joystiq: February 4, 2008

Ross Miller

We find the Team Fortress 2 Pyro papercraft hilariously ironic, given how flammable we suspect him to be. (Disclaimer: Joystiq advises against the use of flames. There is no respawn in real life.) Check out the highlights for today:


King of Kong underdog to cameo in upcoming film
New games this week: Devil May Cry 4 edition
Gears of War 2 graces GamePro cover
American McGee announces next 'twisted tale' project after Grimm
Operation Wolf, Columns III land on Virtual Console
Xbox 360 'arcade model' hits Japan March 6
Just blow: Smash Bros Brawl disc problems blamed on dust
Halo 3 DLC for spring swaps 'Purple' for 'Moonlight'
Rock Band Weekly: B-52's, Faith No More and KISS
PS3 budget lineup heading to Japan, 'likely' Europe
This Wednesday: Poker Smash batters XBLA, Crystal Quest gets polished
New Buzz! games coming in March
NBA Ballers: Chosen One gets Chuck D, Just Blaze
Sony cuts PSP dev tools cost in half
The Green Mile actor Barry Pepper to voice Prototype lead
PSP's Daxter sells 2 million copies in 2 years
THQ gets new CFO (also: acronym two-for-one sale ongoing)
SingStar '90s makes us feel old
No More Heroes first planned for 360, says Suda51
Folding@home for PS3 goes platinum
THQ gets new CFO (also: acronym two-for-one sale ongoing)
New Call of Duty 4 maps 'on the way'
Criterion explains Burnout Paradise online hard drive requirement
GameTap turning off Myst Online in 60 days

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Resident Evil 4 to blame for no Capcom in Brawl
Will Portal change the game industry?
EA predicts PS3 will outsell Xbox 360 in 2008

Culture & Community
Devil May Cry, a retrospective and review
Ben Heckendorn's Xbox 360 Elite laptop

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