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Under Development page updated

Eliah Hecht

Once upon a time, the "Under Development" page on the official site was a great way to keep up with what was coming to Azeroth in the weeks and months ahead. These days it's pretty infrequently updated, but every once in a while it's still the first place we find new tidbits. Today is one of those days; a bunch of new content was added to the page, and here's what's new as far as I can tell:
  • "New Daily Quests and Interactive Quest Hub" will be part of patch 2.4's Sunwell Plateau
  • New repeatable Battleground quests
  • "Some PvP rewards now obtainable through PvE content" -- say what? I wonder how this is going to work. Badges as equivalent to honor points or something?
  • A portal to the Caverns of Time "accessible through reputation with the Keepers of Time."
Did I miss anything else? Or is some of this old news? I for one welcome our new portal to the CoT, since it was getting pretty obnoxious with all the flying and the riding every time I needed to work on someone's Karazhan attunement or whatever.

[Thanks, Boubouille]

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