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AV123's new MFW-15 subwoofer

Steven Kim

Okay, the Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer subwoofer is a little beyond even the Engadget HD budget. But Joe Six Packs like us want deserve our bass, too! Enter AV123's MFW-15 -- we remember the company's founder, Mark Schifter, back when he was with Audio Alchemy. Delivering high value products has always been his game, and this sub looks like it continues the trend: 15-inch driver, good looking cabinet (in a choice of finishes) and unlike Wilson Audio's offering, the package includes a 350-Watt amplifier for your $599. Typical in-room response stretches down to 15 - 17-Hz, so you'll feel where your money went, too. Want your neighbors to feel it, too? Okay, bass-freak, just stack multiple units as needed; but we're not responsible for any damages that ensue.

[Via HomeToys]

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