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Capcom on DMC4 installation: What's the big deal?

Jem Alexander

The game hasn't even been released yet and already there's a lot of online controversy over Devil May Cry 4's installation procedure. The game takes around 20 minutes to install about 5 gigabytes of data to your hard drive, during which there's a five-minute looping recap slideshow. Capcom's Chris Kramer responded to CVG with a statement regarding the issue: "If you don't want to watch the 'Previously, on Devil May Cry...' portion of the install process, go make a sandwich and grab a soda, then come on back."

Kramer continues,
"Wah! Have you ever played a PC game? At least we aren't making you shuffle multiple discs into a ROM drive, or continuously click 'Yes!' on a series of endless Windows dialog boxes." Wah, indeed! We agree completely with Kramer on this -- a twenty minute long installation sequence is not a big deal. It cuts down on load times, making it load faster than the 360 version despite the slower drive speed. Without the install, players would be complaining about lengthy load times. Which is better? That's a hypothetical question because we already know and, clearly, so does Capcom.

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