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Gamecock struts into Europe; Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball considered for PSN


Indie publisher Gamecock spent some time with talking about its move into the European market and future game releases. Trying to leave the whole "John Romero incident" behind, Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson says the company depends on the developers its currently working with to scout new talent and projects.

Of particular interest is the announcement that Dementium: The Ward will be coming to Europe in April, followed by worst-name-for-a-game award winner Legendary: The Box in June. Wilson also notes the upcoming XBLA title Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball could eventually make its way to PSN, saying, "Sony really wants this Pirates vs Ninjas game we're doing for Xbox Live and we're platform agnostic so if we're investing in a title let's give it a chance wherever there is one." We'd laugh (and want a cut) if one of the first expansion packs ends up being PS3 Fanboys vs. Xbox 360 Fanboys.

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