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Guildwatch: Fish food

Mike Schramm

I don't know what Vashj did to you guys, but there must have been something, because she is getting dropped more and more often lately. Nobody likes the Naga, I guess. And Kael is pretty much shaking in his boots-- nearly every guild that has downed Vashj is throwing him angry looks for being next.

This week's GW starts right after the jump-- click the link below to check the week's drama, downed and recruiting news, all tipped to us by you, dear readers. If you have news for Guildwatch (especially drama, because who doesn't like that?), send it along to Enjoy!


  • Titans are a merge of Chaos and Sparta (where's Madness?) on Undermine. And they just recently took out HKM and Gruul. Sounds like the merge worked!
  • I like this one: United Strength on Bonechewer offers up some raid spots for gold, but things go south when accusations of an Ebayed Rogue in the guild start going around. And this post is linked on page 10-- supposedly proof that yes, a rogue purchased on Ebay is lurking in the ranks of US.
  • A strange tale of almost-drama from Drak'Thul-A. Khaos Society is a guild that is just starting to take down Gruul, while Blood Moon Clan is a guild that has Kara on farm, but hasn't rounded up enough to go to Gruul. So Khaos was eight people short on a Gruul run, and they invited BMC folks to go with them. Unfortunately, Khaos' lost lambs showed up before the raid started, so KS kicked the BMC folks to let their guildies in. That means drama right there, right? Wrong-- BMC talked with KS, and the two guilds decided, instead of fighting, to merge into Blood and Khaos. They've got the people and the raiders now to head into the higher content. Good for them.
  • Grow the $#*& up, Silvermoon. I agree-- posting a thread like this and claiming to not be a drama queen is a clear contradiction.
  • /gquit drama from Lux Aeterna on Aerie Peak. Don't forget to check out the guild application on page 3, too. Makes you wonder just who's carrying who in this relationship.
  • Dreadnaught on Alexstrasza-H had their guildleader freak out and /gquit, supposedly for a "more structured" raiding guild. Apparently a few guildies had left previously, and his fine leadership skills just couldn't take it. The guild was originally a raiding guild, and the guildleader quitting hasn't helped it, though former guildies have doubts that anyone who would /gquit from a guild without telling anyone can lead anything "more structured" anyway.
  • Dragonblight of Gnomer-A has downed Vashj. And their name is kind of funny, apparently-- they're a bunch of folks left over from a guild that transferred away from them to Dragonblight. Good times.
  • Ævolution (server?) beat Hydross right into into the puddle he came out of. And Lurker, they say, is on notice.
  • DONT (from the Grindhouse trailer?) on Cho'gall has downed Prince in Kara for the first time, on only their second run ever. Grats!
  • More downed news from Foundation on Dentarg: Leo is downed. Vashj is next.
  • Heroes of Westeros on Akama have completely cleared Karazhan and are now rolling, two bosses in, in Zul'Aman.
  • Vengeance on Azuremyst finished off everything up to Maiden and Opera on their first night in Kara. Curator is next. Make sure that DPS is pouring out, guys, you'll need it.
  • The September Movement on Arathor-H has also cleared Maiden and Opera.
  • Balance on Bronzebeard-A has finished off Loot Below, Tidewalker, and completely finished off Zul'Aman. Vengeance for Zul'jin! Against them!
  • In just two weeks, Catalyst on Steamwheedle Cartel has not only survived through some drama, but finished off Jan'alai, Zul'Jin, Malacrass, Magtheridon, High Astromancer Solarian, and Al'ar. That's six bosses in two weeks. Awesome!
  • Apparently we posted something wrong about Addicted on Laughing Skull-H to them (sorry), but this is the truth: they finished off both Loot Reaver and Mag. Grats to them.
  • Rival of Ysondre-H finished off Morogrim and Solarian once, then waited until after the reset and did it again. They've even got a callout: "Gentlemens Club, take note!"
  • Outbreak on EU Bloodfeather finished off Leo and Al'ar, leaving them 5/6 and 3/4. Good luck with that.
  • Noble Europeans on EU Agamaggan continue their way through Hyjal-- Kaz'rogal is the latest casualty.
  • Dark Knights on EU Stormrage and completed all the way up to the Chess Event with only 8 players. Illhoof is on notice.
  • Don't Be That Guy on Malfurion (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is rolling through the endgame-- Kazzak, Mags, and Loot Reaver have all fallen, and SSC is in their sights.
  • Origin of Alleria-H (Nyhm's guild, I hear) has made it to 5/6 in SSC. Vashj is on notice. Take the fish out!
  • Mob Squad on Alleria-A (whose name I like, but not as much as DBTG) rolled into Karazhan with a green crew and rocked everybody up to Curator. Nice job.
  • Raid Intentions is an alliance on Malorne-A that's downed HKM and Gruul and is working their way through SSC-- Morogrim is on the menu at the moment. Good luck, guilds--remember, it takes an alliance to raise a raider.
  • Two Vashj kills on Blackwater Raiders-- Defiance and Ascension (both Horde) took her down. Kael is next.
  • Despised on Duskwood-A finished off Loot Reaver and grabbed some T5 loot. Woot!
  • My Gear is Red on Draenor-H killed both Vashj and Rage Winterchill during their raid, and then wiped spectacularly on BT's trash. Grats anyway.
  • Conceited on Blood Furnace-A downed Tidewalker on their first try. Karathress is on notice (they tried to put more on notice, but you guys only get one!)
  • Chaos and Mayhem on Silvermoon brought down Lurker and Halazzi.
  • No Dwarves Allowed on Alleria-A (which we hear actually does allow Dwarves, has toppled Vashj. Kael, you're next.
  • Pandemoneus on Stormrage-H has killed all the way to Fathomlord, assist by Front de Liberation.
  • Fatal on Magtheridon dragonkilled Gruul the Dragonkiller. I don't know how you dragonkill someone, but it sounded good.
  • Dusk Raiders on Cenarion Circle-A finished off Vashj as well. Lots of Vashj kills this week.
  • Morogrim didn't expect The New Inquisition to down him, but they did anyway.
  • No Good Deed on Bloodscalp has rocked it up through Tidewalker. Fathom-Lord is next.
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar finished off The Loot Below on their first guild run in SSC.
  • Widow Makers on Scilla-A also finished off Lurker on a run that was only supposed to be trash. Awesome.
  • Conquistadores on EU Kul'Tiras took out Al'ar, Solarian, Maggy, and Doomwalker all in a couple days of raiding. Very cool.
  • Shadow Reapers of Moonrunner yesterday downed the first five bosses in Karazhan for the first time without a single wipe. Grats!
  • Deadman Walking on Shadowmoon finished off both Solarian and Lurker.
  • Vizard on Eathern Ring-H followed up on notice and downed Prince and Nightbane. Nalorakk is on the notice list now.
  • Aristocracy on Tanaris finished off Vashj and cleared Zul'aman completely for Hordeside firsts. Awesome job-- Kael'thas is on notice now.
  • Slave to the Grind on Sen'jin-H has all of Kara and half of ZA on farm and is seeking raiders who are at least Kara-keyed and geared for 25mans.
  • Menzoberranzan on Tichondrius-H is looking for some help for 25mans-- they've got a firm hold on 10mans and Gruul and Mag, but they need some healers for SSC and TK.
  • Kung Foo Monkey Badgers on EU Runetotem have laid the final tombstone on Karazhan, and now they're looking for more for 25mans. They're starting up a weekend team to head to Gruul and beyond.
  • The Spreading Taint brags that they're the biggest GLBT and queer-friendly guild the game has ever seen (with 3 guilds interlinked and over 1500 players-- or toons?). They've raided up to Mags and Tidewalker, and they say they're recruiting another holy paladin or resto druid interested in joining.
  • Divinius on Gnomer is looking mostly for healers for Kara and beyond, but they'll take anybody serious about raiding and having fun. They've got a website, a vent server, and guild forums and email.
  • Lex Talionis on EU Maelstrom finished off Vashj (Kael is on notice), and are now looking for more shadow and holy priests to continue onward with them.
  • Serendipity on Durotan-A finished off 3/4 in SSC, and are also looking for a few good raiders to join them for Vashj and Kael. They would prefer healers, though-- specifically resto shammys and holy priests.
  • No Such Raid on Argent Dawn just finished off Al'ar, and are looking for an elemental or resto shaman, and a resto druid is preferred, but they will also offer a chance to an excellent feral druid.
  • Anomaly on Exodar-A has cleared Kara and is headed to Gruul's. On the way, they hope to pick up some more raiders-- check their website to apply.
  • The Order of the Rose on Silver Hand is recruiting 70s for raiding.
  • Honor Guard on Thunderhorn-A is a fun and friendly guild that recently led an assault on Karazhan-- 3 groups picked up 450 badges. Join up with them if you're looking for a good time (and want to get killed by me-- I play Thorn-H).
  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand-H continues their charge through Kara, and continues recruiting fun and good-willed players to have a laugh on /g and comms with them.
  • Immortal Dawn on EU Khadgar has downed Gruul and has Loot Reaver on notice. They're also looking for shammies, druids, and priests.
  • Last Exiles on Senjin-A has finished off Al'ar and Solarian and is now recruiting 1-2 holy pallies and 1-2 resto druids to join them in SSC.
  • Validity on Kul Tiras-A is a smaller, casual guild looking for members interested in starting traditions and moving the guild towards end-game. They are most active on weekdays from 6pm-11pm CST and weekends it varies. They are focused on enjoyment of the game as a whole through fellowship and community.
That's it for this week's GW! One more thing-- I have a request for everyone sending in their guild info (to As you may have noticed, there's a lot of info lately, and I'm committed to making sure it all gets in-- even if you submitted something that didn't get in this week, I'll get it in next week. But in the meantime, if you could try to format it as closely to what you see above, especially in the downed and recruiting sections, it would make things a lot easier for me to post. And it would leave me more time to write up drama, which we all love.

It's not a requirement-- people have sent information formatted all kinds of different ways, and I continue to work to get it all in there somehow. But the more standardized you can make it when you send it in (ie try not to send multiple notices, and try to format it as you see it above-- in third person, with guild name and server dash faction, all on one line if possible), the easier my job will be, which will leave more time for me to put more info together. Thanks!

And until next week, as always, happy raiding!

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