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Onkyo giving pause to continued HD DVD support?

Darren Murph

Sure, we're filing this squarely in the rumor folder for now, but we still felt it prudent to bring to light a number of interesting comments made recently by an Onkyo representative. Reportedly, said rep was quoted by Home Cinema Choice as saying that "given the current, multiple uncertainties surrounding the Blu-ray versus HD DVD issue, Onkyo has decided against bringing any further DV-HD805s to the UK." Additionally, he / she continued on by saying that "if a category becomes commoditized -- as this sector shows signs of becoming -- there's less reason to commit huge resources to it when they may be better employed elsewhere." Granted, we've no idea if a decision made on the other side of the pond will have anything to do with the US, but regardless, another HD DVD supporter falling by the wayside isn't good for the red camp no matter how you slice it.

[Via TiVo Lovers]

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