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Running out of juice? Pop a Mana Energy Potion

William Dobson

Sometimes, your heart is all for a late night gaming session, but your body is just saying no. Well what are you going to do, just give in to your body's desperate pleas for rest? Nuh-uh! Reach into your RL inventory and pull out a Mana Energy Potion. According to the drink's website, this sexy little bottle will provide you with 160 mana, whereas a regular human usually only has 100. That will surely give you the edge you need push into the wee hours of the morning.

The site advises that one tiny bottle has caffeine equivalent to two 8-ounce Red Bulls, and will provide "5-8 hours of smooth, jitter-free energy". Know what else is cool? A look at the Supplement Facts page for the energy shot shows that each serve (40ml bottle) contains 6667% of your daily required Vitamin B12, or over 2 months worth. You can currently order packs of Mana Energy Potions from the website, and a small number of retailers will be stocking them soon too.

And one last thing -- a possible indicator of how awesome your Mana replenishment process will be is the fact that the contact page lists a dedicated death threats email address.

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