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The spice gun asks, "Do you feel hungry, punk?"


Yeah, it's no Spice Weasel, but we're pretty sure this product concept would feel right at home in an episode of Futurama. That's right kids, it's the spice gun -- a handy device which would allow you to gun down your food in cold-blooded flavor. To use this killer, you'd lock and load the barrel with a selection of your deadliest spices, then simply spin it -- Dirty Harry style -- to switch up ammo. We could go on all day with clever turns of phrase describing how much "kick" this thing has, suggestions that you load it up with radish-piercing bullets, and cautionary messages like, "Never point the spice gun at a steak unless you intend to season it," but we'll spare you the pain. Oh, whoops.

[Via Uber-Review]

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