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Today in Joystiq: February 5, 2008

Ross Miller

Sometimes it's a very, very bad idea to personify gaming legends -- the cast of Pac-Man, for example. The lines of spittle jumping out of his mouth, however, give us great ideas for power-ups. Check out the highlights for today:

The best of WoW Insider: January 26 - February 2nd, 2008
Massively Week in Review: January 28 - Feb 4, 2008

Black, Ninja Gaiden Black, & Sid Meier's Pirates! coming to Xbox Originals
New Japanese PS3 targets Satin worshippers
Nvidia to acquire Ageia Technologies
Variety: Grand Theft Auto movie almost happened
Capcom addresses DMC4 install complaints
Metal Gear Solid's 'Essential Collection' confirmed for PS2
Science says: Men's brains get more 'reward' from gaming
Firaxis cites graphics, controls behind shelving of CivRev for Wii
RollerCoaster Tycoon lawsuit ends in settlement
Lost Planet: Colonies, Assault Heroes 2 rated by ESRB
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 cashes in March 21
Red Faction 3 coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Gamecock struts into Europe; Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball considered for PSN
Gamestop's used game sales data in beautiful chart form
THQ earns more sales, less profits, lots of licenses

Rumors & Speculation
Pachter: EA needs to produce investor guidance
Gearbox working on something 'big'
Devil May Cry 4 PS3 'accomplishments' may hint at Home integration
Rumor: PSP God of War being ported to PS2
Rumor: Dead Rising 2 being handled by western developer
Rumor: Conker and Jade Empire bound for Xbox Originals
Analyst: American PS3 sales to match Xbox 360 in 2008

Culture & Community
Rock Band guitar gets real string mod
David Jaffe to present keynote at GDC Game Career Seminar
Forget Xbox Live, Halo 3 laser tag now available
Controversy: UK immigrant detainees play Wii while waiting
News recycling: Brain Age doesn't like your accent
First4Figures announces classic Sonic vinyl line
Future Publishing buys share of
Two feet, two guitars, one interesting Guitar Hero phenomenon

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