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WAR Europe's Orcaniser teaches players to talk the talk

Chris Chester

One of the most difficult aspects of covering the media build-up to Warhammer Online's release is the need to rewrite any post involving Greenskins to include the infamous Orc-speak that fans of the fluff are so fond of. To the casual observer, it might appear like a simple matter of changing verb tense and throwing in a few zeds here and there. Not true! It's an extensive scholarly process that takes years to learn, and decades to master. To put it frankly, it's not as easy as it looks.

Well imagine our delight then to find that WAR Europe guys have gone to the trouble of putting together the Orcaniser! It operates like an Orcy version of babelfish, giving fans the ability to translate normal human speech into authentic Orc dialect. And it works in five languages! Obviously, there's always a little bit lost in translation, and it doesn't automatically account for the Orcy need to talk about smashing heads once every couple sentences, but it's good as we're liable to do. See for yourself:

To be or not to be, dat is da question;
Whetha 'tis nobla in da mind to suffa
Da slingz an' arrowz of outrageouz fortune,
Or to take armz against a sea of troublez,
An' by opposin', end dem.

[Via WHA]

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