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Do not want: BOOM BLOX


Perhaps we've been wearing our cranky pants too tightly, but the latest media from Steven Spielberg's Wii project does not fill us with hope. Of course, we always knew that BOOM BLOX -- a new name for the title as of this morning, and yes, it's okay to feel irritated by the UNNECESSARY CAPITALIZATION -- was going to be a bit like Jenga.

But heavens, this game looks generic, if the first screens are anything to go by. Featuring "thirty wacky characters, more than 300 levels, and an easy-to-use in-game editor that allows players to express their creativity," BOOM BLOX is a block-based puzzle game that makes EA Playground look like a Suda 51 masterpiece.

Perhaps we were expecting a little more from the involvement of a film director who has reaped critical and commercial success in his field for the past few decades. Then again, we've had this debate already.


[Via press release]

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