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Fujifilm's Z10fd and Z100fd cameras get totally rockin' firmware update


For those of you who've recently dropped some dough on a new Fujifilm Z10fd or Z100fd, you've got some firmware to update. The company issued a couple of fixes today which tweak minor features on the cameras -- though we're sure a few folks will be happy to get them. The updates boost the startup speed in both models when using xD cards, enable camera-to-computer transfer with higher capacity media in the Z10fd, and adjust the underwater white balance on the Z100fd. Hit the read links, and begin your magical journey to freshness.

[Via Digital Photography Review]

Read - FinePix Z10fd Firmware (camera control software) Update Ver.1.01
Read - FinePix Z100fd Firmware (camera control software) Update Ver.1.01

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