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Left Behind: Eternal Forces now free (Hurry! First 1m only!)

It's no secret that religious messageware Left Behind: Eternal Forces failed to find an audience amongst gamers (we think it's the whole "prayer is more powerful than guns" thing) so it's with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical look – and maybe even a Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor huhhh – that we greet news of Left Behind Games' "Million Game FREE Giveaway." It's simple: just stop by this website, make your order, and "increase [their] installed base of users to benefit future sales and expand distribution."

We should warn you though that it's not free free; there's a digital delivery or shipping surcharge of $5 or $6 respectively. Can't say we're filled with optimism for the plan, but apparently they know what they're doing ...

[Thanks, jc]

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