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Madden producer David Ortiz leaves EA Tiburon


The 'other' David Ortiz, the EA veteran who worked his way up the ranks to lead producer of Madden for Xbox 360 and PS3, has left EA Tiburon, reports 1UP. While inside sources cite "family reasons" for Ortiz's departure, rumor 'round the water cooler tells of a growing fracture between Ortiz and the mysterious inner workings of the studio. (We can totally see how ordering the peons to copy/paste game code from year to year could lead to, um, dissatisfaction.) "David's been a valuable part of our team at EA Tiburon, and we wish him the best," EA said in a statement.

Thankfully, one man's loss is another's gain, and Tiburon producer Phil Frazier will move into the batter's box, erm, take over as lead for Madden NFL 09 – Frazier most recently struck out as a developer for the ill-received NFL Tour.

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