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Nintendo files Wii accessory patent for everything, includes the kitchen sink


Some folks in the UK happened upon a set of British patents submitted by Nintendo recently for a whole slew of crazy Wiimote accessories, and you might be surprised to know what the company wants dibs on. Included in this large collection of sometimes bizarre add-ons is a Wiimote-cradling teddy bear, skateboard, helmet (with goggles), golf club, baseball bat, and of course... a bicycle. We're not sure what the big N was thinking when they assembled this list -- perhaps they just wanted to cover all the bases as those filing patents are wont to do. However, we suggest they scramble for these gems that have been unfairly left off: Wii-chocolate bar, Wii-sofa, Wii-Terminator, and of course, the Wii-Wii -- a larger Wiimote which the regular Wiimote gets slotted into.

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy and The Register]

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