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Nintendo uninterested in MMOs

Michael Zenke

Despite the hopes and well-wishes of Nintendo console owners everwhere, the big N has reaffirmed that they basically have zero interest in a Massively Multiplayer game right now. A Gamespot interview with company president Satoru Iwata clarifies that, in order for Nintendo to get involved such a game would have to be appealing for everyone aged '5 to 95'. That certainly explains why Square/Enix expressed no interest in porting Final Fantasy XI to the Wii console shortly after its launch.

Iwata goes on to say that the Mii customization system is about as complicated as they want to make an interface right now. Further, they're not interested in competing with the virtual world services on the market right now. If they were to enter the markplace, they'd "focus on doing things that nobody else would do ... We'd be sure to make it something that nobody would call it a product similar to another company's offering." There have been persistent stories about companies developing an MMO for the DS, though. Perhaps the handheld's unique nature would allow them to go outside their comfort zone a bit more?

How sweet would a Massive game on the Wii be though, eh?

[Via Eurogamer]

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