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Rez HD Standard Mode is 4:3

Keen observers on the official Rez HD forums are up in arms about the output of Rez's standard mode on Xbox Live Arcade. Instead of scaling the game to widescreen, the title outputs its standard signal to a 4:3 aspect ratio. While some are calling it the biggest meh of the year by saying the Standard Mode is supposed to output as 4:3, forum comments reminded us that Rez always scaled to fullscreen on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. The worst offender seems to be playing Rez on a standard definition television where black bars are visible around the entire image. This may or may not be big issue but we all remember that some people really care about those missing pixels. We'd be wondering what happened too but we're a little busy taping multiple controllers to our bodies.

[ forums. Image via flickr user Pryii]

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