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Verizon scoops aplenty: Touch, Samsung U940, and more!

Chris Ziegler

Getting amped for that snow white Touch, are we? Well, good news: it'll be here pretty quickly, with Verizon's latest estimate putting it on shelves in the late February / early March time frame. That'll be followed up pretty quickly by the Samsung U940, a lovely high-end QWERTY phone in the vein of the F700; we'd previously heard Q1 for this one, and Verizon's pushing Q1 to the extreme here by tagging it for a March release. The Motorola W755 has been dubbed the "COOL" -- though we're not sure whether that's a go-to-market term or just a codename -- and it'll be here at some point in the spring. Finally, we've caught wind that Big Red's prepping a Moto V750, dubbed "UTOPIA," which we don't know much about but may be a spiritual successor to the V710. Whatever the heck it is, look for it in late spring.

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