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Voce indeed dead, execs let go by phone disconnections

Nilay Patel

Alright, we'll definitely cop to having broken off a relationship or two via text message, but we don't think we've ever heard of a high-ranking executive discovering he'd been fired when his phone stopped working -- which is exactly what happened to Roy Kosuge, COO of Voce, that "luxury" MVNO. We'd heard rumors of Voce's demise, but it looks like ol' Roy wasn't so plugged in, only finding out that his company was dead when his phone stopped making calls. Of course, when a company's chief operating officer doesn't know that you're about to kill the lights, it's a safe bet that things are pretty screwed up, so if you were among the few who signed up for Voce's premium services, we'd recommend calling your credit card company immed -- oh, right. Sorry about that.

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